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Ardent Access

Multi-Step Analysis

Let us help uncover current access control and security points of failure for your business to give you the insight to prevent issues before they happen.

What happens during the first step of our analysis?

Our plan is to offer our clients a multi-step analysis which will uncover business owners/operators current access control and security points of failure. Through this analysis we will be able to uncover whether clients have the ability to see reporting of who has access to which location throughout their facility, if the users with access should have that level of access, and if their current system has the ability to show them reporting tools of when areas were accessed and by who.

This analysis will also allow our clients the ability to know if there are areas in their business that should require access credentials for entry, and if there is a potential threat currently regarding restrictive areas on their property. Entities should also have the ability to lock-down their facility quickly in the event of a major threat to its staff, patrons or members with advanced communication systems in place to notify the appropriate authorities.

Then comes the second step…

The second portion of our analysis will include a consultative look into their network and communication systems. In many instances, businesses are not utilizing their network Active Directory to manage the Access Control programs effectively. Through this phase of the analysis, we will show clients how to pull even more data from their system and secure their digital footprint even more by integrating automated access control systems that are managed through the Active Directory on their internal network.

We will also have the ability to deliver information to our clients regarding the professional oversight of the teams managing their network data and communications if these teams are outsourced, or even if the individuals are on their payroll.

and the third.

By analyzing the network and communication services for businesses we will be able to help customers identify areas of potential points of failure in security, potential monthly savings, and help guide them in areas where placing the correct technology could position their business for future growth while also maintaining a secure perimeter from the door to the user.

The core network of approved vendors and partners that we have in place will provide our clients a multitude of options for all areas of technology starting at door access control, and assisting them entirely with solutions all the way to the end-user.